Bartlett School of Architectural Fiction and Wizardry

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If architecture school had been half as fun as these videos suggests, I’d have coasted straight into an MArch graduate program after finishing my undergraduate studies. But then again, the Bartlett isn’t your average school of architecture. That’s not to say its methods or modes of teaching and production–namely, an all-inclusive approach which may just as likely pair algorithmic modeling and CG animations with lovingly handcrafted models and looping drawings that would be the envy of Miranda July–aren’t rigorous. It’s immediately evident how many hours went into these projects, which were part of Year 1 (yes, the experience seems just as magical as a wizarding education). From the get-go, students are encouraged to develop a design elasticity which eschews specialization–everyone knows that kid who virtually lived in Revit, CAD, etc. for the past 5 years–in favor of a purposeful integration of new and archaic techniques. Whether you agree or not is beside the point, but you’ll have to admit this is the best thing you’re going to see today.

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