Project of the Day: Casa in Puglia

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A traditional farmhouse located in the countryside of Puglia

Project of the Day: Casa in Puglia

Casa in Puglia by Peter Pichler Architect.

We’re rolling out a bunch of changes this month here at Architizer world HQ!  Including, today: a Lecture & Event roundup and a Project of the Day feature.

The logic behind the latter? With almost 17,000 projects, and more added every day, we’re throwing a lot of sensory information at you. To ensure great projects don’t get lost in the flood, we’ll pull out one each day that we think is worth spending some time on.

To kick it off, check out the Casa in Puglia, a tiny gem of a project that’s actually a rehabilitation of  a 14th century Italian house.

It’s a common story: a pre-War housing typology (like a mill or a farmhouse), abandoned for decades due to urban migration, becomes the source of inspiration for urban dwellers in search of an alternative model of building and dwelling. Explain the architects:

“The house was part of a so called “masseria”, a traditional farmhouse to be found in the countryside of Puglia and usually built in “tufo”, a local sandstone. In the past 500 years the masseria has been the center of production of apulian agricultural economy where most people lived and worked in the countryside producing wheat, almonds, wine, olive oil, milk and cheese. After world war II most people moved to towns leaving most masserias abandoned. In the past 5 or 6 years masserias have found new life as country hotels, museums and private residences.”

Peter Pichler preserved the interior arches of the existing home as decorative elements within the new construction – their forms date from the 11th–13th centuries, reflecting Greek, Arab and Norman influences. The same geometries inform the patterns that decorate the sun screens built into the exterior facade apertures. As you’ll see in the process images below, the 36 panels were water-cut to fit the preserved arches.

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