The Rechter House / Pitsou Kedem Architects

The “Rechter House” in was originally designed by Zeev Rechter as a single storey home for his family with an orderly arrangement of internally and externally exposed, longitudinal concrete beams which formed the basis for the internal spaces, whilst adhering to the principles of “open planning” that were prevalent in those years. Over the years, an extra floor and a third wing were added to the building in such a way that its original form was hidden and the modern design principles governing its original design were abandoned.


Southeastern Glass Building / Sanders Pace Architecture

The Southeastern Glass Building is a mixed-use development in , .  Designed by Sanders Pace Architecture the project is situated at a gateway intersection into downtown within a unique flat iron shaped historic building.


Quotable Quote: Cultivating Bad Taste

The bleakness of post-War design is a symptom of the aesthetic having been run into the ground, obviously. So we’re taking Scott Brown, and the Fielle’s, advice: challenge your definition of good taste, and dare yourself to like what’s considered ugly. You’ll certainly be in a more interesting place than where you began. What’s a challenge for you? Do you think ugly is a term that should even enter the lexicon of architects? Is there a particular building you despise? Or is everything simply a matter of perspective?


Project of the Day: Casa in Puglia

“The house was part of a so called “masseria”, a traditional farmhouse to be found in the countryside of Puglia and usually built in “tufo”, a local sandstone. In the past 500 years the masseria has been the center of production of apulian agricultural economy where most people lived and worked in the countryside producing wheat, almonds, wine, olive oil, milk and cheese. After world war II most people moved to towns leaving most masserias abandoned. In the past 5 or 6 years masserias have found new life as country hotels, museums and private residences.”


New Heden: The City Made of Green Roofs

New Heden is a recent project that takes a vacant lot in Sweden and transforms it into a mixed-use, sustainable city. This project, by Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects, is in a way creating a city inside of a city. This underutilized site was once a paved parking lot and football fields but the redesign will have apartments, parks, and shops.