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First Look: Torre Telefonica by Enric Massip

The headquarters of one of Spain’s telecommunications giants is aggressively vertical — especially in contrast to the Herzog & De Meuron Forum Building next door — and much more transparent than one might expect from such a corporate entity.


Aschebergsgatan 41 Residence by Kanozi Arkitekter

Penthouse Residential Units in the upper luxury category. Built in splitlevels and with terraces. One of the bathrooms has a full glased wall that instantly turns milky when locking the door.


Zebar by 3GATTI Architecture Studio

Zebar is a music bar in Shanghai with a very impressive interior space designed by 3GATTI Architecture Studio. It has an undulating cave-like form created by apertures cut into fins along its length. All panels in create for creating special effects is cut by hand (low-cost fixed-defining), according to the architect of 3D game rendering fast enough.


Gehry & West 8 in Miami

The commentary on Frank Gehry’s new symphony space, and of the larger complex it sits in, the New World Center, has been overwhelmingly positive – at least in proportion to the kind of criticism Gehry’s projects generally draw out.


'Les Bains des Docks' by Jean Nouvel

Photographs of the recently completed ‘les bains des docks’ aquatic centre in le havre, france designed by jean nouvel have begun to surface. the mostly white space is very light in feel, while a brightly coloured alcove pops with vitality.