Real life house from the movie ‘Up’

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Real life house from the movie ‘Up’

Pixar’s recent movie ‘Up’ is a story of an old man who refuses to give up his house to a monstrous development that is eating up all the homes in his neighborhood. It comes to a point that there is nothing left around him except for high-rise businesses. This notion is an exaggerated representation of how development companies find a way to buy up all the houses in a neighborhood.

There are numerous families who have fought these development companies buy refusing to sell their home. It usually creates a somewhat unusual and interesting appearance if the development goes on with construction anyways.

Edith Macefield of Seattle is a perfect example of this fight. She refused the $1 million that developers offered her to sell her house. Visually, her little house surrounded by the industrial project has a close resemblance to the house in the movie ‘Up.’

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