VHOM 2010/2011

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VHOM 2010/2011


Vienna, the capital of Austria, is considered by many people as the world capital of Classical Music, and it certainly was from the sixteenth century until the nineteenth century.

However, during the twentieth and twenty-first century, cultural changes, new musical styles, media and the easiness to travel around the world, have made the value of the Viennese arts diminish.

Vienna is proud of its history, respecting and taking care of it. However it is going through a difficult moment, trying to find a perfect balance between a glorious past and a promising future. Vienna has to show the world what it is and what it wants to be without forgetting what it was.  It is a delicate and complex task in which the architecture really involved.


From ArchMedium we propose the design of a new building, the Vienna House of Music knowing the importance of Vienna’s past and future. It is a project destined to become an important link between the city´s history and its present.
It is a new space located in a privileged place in the city, where new trends of contemporary classical music can be shown to the world through the cultural agenda of the institution, which will extend its boundaries on all four sides taking over its environment and making it participate in multiple activities.

This project is destined to be primarily a common element to alter the perception that users will have the in the park and its surroundings. Project must create a unique experience for the senses, not only for those who visit, but also for those who enjoy a pleasant walk in the park.

The project should be the basis of an idea and of a neighborhood, as the young and visionary composer Evan Taylor said in the film August Rush "Music is all around us. All You Have to do is listen”.

The site

The project will be located at a key point of the city, both for its history and for the role it has today. The plot is located within a park (Stadtpark) in the ring, with some proximity to the historic center. It has the great difficulty of being a front view of a small canal, two major avenues, and an open the park.

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