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# Web Link
1 ArchDaily
The world's most visited website for architects.
2 Architizer
Multiple posts every day. In my opinion tied with ArchDaily for the best architecture blog/news site.
3 A Daily Dose of Architecture
(Almost) daily architectural musings and imagery from New York City
A blog expressing the architectural views of Geoff Manaugh from LA.
5 Archi-Ninja
The discussion and critique of current Architectural projects and ideas… Ninja style! Founded by Sydney based Architecture student Linda Bennett.
6 dezeen
Bringing a carefully edited selection of the best architecture, design and interiors projects from around the world.
7 Nikiomahe
Architecture and Design News Blog
8 3rings
A Product Blog for Architecture and Design
9 City of Sound
Cities. Design. Architecture. Media. Music. Etc.
10 Super Colossal
Blog for a architecture office located in Sydney, Australia.
11 Coffee with an Architect
Blogging about Architecture with a hot cup of crazy.
12 Archzine
Blog with interest in creating a better life through the use of contemporary design and architecture.
13 Yatzer
Yatzer gives access to extensive daily news stories, interviews and reviews within the creative world, including architecture.
14 Plastolux
Sharing inspirational articles and pictures dealing with modern design (architecture, DIY, interiors, etc.)
15 Life of an Architect
Blog by Bob Borson showing what its like to be and work with an architect.
16 +Mood
Website full of all things Design.
17 Architecture Buzz!!
18 dsgnWrld
19 Auhana
20 Coolboom